Customer Testimonials

I moved to Texas twenty years ago and chose Orkin Pest, where Mike was employed. Seventeen years ago Mike established his own pest services, which I immediately left Orkin and went with Mike. I wouldn't have anyone else. Mike is very dependable, sincere and very honest. I believe in mike so much, he has access to my home even when I am not here. If you have a problem he is there immediately to take care of it. He never makes you feel as if having to come back is a burden. I have only called Mike to come back once in the seventeen years, we had a swam of grasshopper and he took care of it. Mike is a great guy and gives superb services.

Mare H, Aubrey Texas

We have used Arrow Pest Control Services since 2000. Mike and his company are the best. We have never had any pest problems that Mike did not solve for us. We are on the quarterly service and they are always great about reminding us when we are due for service. It is always convenient for us. The cost is extremely reasonable and has remained around the same price since 2000 (I think that the price went up maybe $.81 in 12 years). We will continue to use Arrow Pest Control for many years to come. Thanks Mike.

Tom and Shirley, Denton

The first time we used Arrow Pest, we were very impressed. They were friendly, prompt, and well-informed. We decided to go on a maintenance contract with them, which has been so wonderful. They come out once per quarter and take care of everything. You do not even have to think about it. Arrow Pest is a very responsive company. I have never had a problem with them. Their customer service is excellent and they always answer any questions I have promptly.

Jim, Denton Texas

We have been with Arrow Pest Control for several years and the service is awesome and pleasant. Since using Arrow Pest Control we have had very minimal problems to none with pest. They always arrive on time on the date scheduled and take care of any problems we may be having. If we have a problem before our treatment time they are always ready to come back and retreat as soon as possible. I recommend Arrow Pest Control to anyone that want great service with a company that knows me by name instead of an account number.

John B., Denton, Texas

They are very courteous and knowledgeable. Very customer oriented, and well trained. It's awesome getting first-rate service and effort--every time.

Thomas G Aubrey, Texas