Fire Ant Control

fire ant control for Denton McKinney Frisco Aubrey TX

Fire ants are a common pest found throughout Denton, McKinney, Frisco, Aubrey and surrounding areas. They are most known for their painful sting, which usually leaves small red sores that develop a pus filled head a few days after the initial bite, and can itch badly until healed. Fire ants use their ability to sting as a defense mechanism to aggressively protect their nests, and can be dangerous to your family and pets.

About Fire Ants

There are two kinds of fire ants -- single and multiple queen forms. Workers in single-queen colonies are territorial, while workers in multiple-queen colonies move freely from one mound to another.

Areas infested with single queen colonies contain 40 to 150 mounds per acre, and usually no more than 7 million ants. But in areas with multiple queen colonies, 200 or more mounds may be home to 40 million ants per acre.

Fire ant mounds can be built in most any type of soil, but the ants prefer open, sunny areas such as lawns, parks, pastures, meadows and cultivated fields. Depending on the type of soil, mounds can be up to 18 inches high. They can also be formed in rotting logs, around stumps and trees and in or under buildings.

Moisture is key to fire ant survival. When the weather is hot and dry, they burrow deep into the soil to find moisture and cooler temperatures. When it's cold, they burrow down to stay warm. But in warm, damp weather (spring or fall), fire ants are most likely to be active, foraging near the soil surface and building mounds.

Colonies often move from one site to another. Queens need only half a dozen workers to start a new colony, and a new mound can develop several hundred feet from the old site overnight.

Our Fire Ant Treatment Process

We utilize TopChoice Fire Ant Treatment granular insecticide to provide effective, affordable "Once a year" protection. Available only through lawn care or pest control professionals, TopChoice offers several important advantages:

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